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STACKS Drivers (Employment Application)


“How does this work if I want to drive?”


Must have valid drivers license for Indiana

Have a iPhone 5 or newer or a newer Droid
Have good physical health and lift at least 100lbs by themselves.

Must be able to operate Urgently and still be able to get the job done carefully and tactfully.

Have a Truck or Van that is mechanically sound. Tires have to be no less than half life and all 4 tires must match. No weird sounds, smells or body damage.

Must have insurance currently but will need to switch to commercial before your first trip because we will be moving customers cargo. This is very easy, doesn’t really cost much more then what you currently have, sometimes cost less and here is someone that can actually get that taken care of for you and is very helpful (Insurance Solutions). Feel free to use whoever you like though.


“That sounds ok. Now what?”

2.Application Process


Fill out the basic online application. After that is received you will get an email with {NEW DRIVER} in the subject line. That will have a link to driving record and you will have to submit that.

Scan a copy of Drivers’ license, Insurance card, 5 pics of your vehicle. Both sides, front & back and one inside. Also, mention if you want paid separate from your name. Send all that in one email back to Stacks.

Once you get an email confirming everything is good to go you will decide when you want to work. 


“Sounds easy enough, do I need moving equipment?”


3.Needed Equipment


In Your Truck or Van: You’ll need a dolly, gloves like these, at least 3 ratchet strap tie downs, 3 movers blankets, furniture sliders and recommended but not required is an extra set of gloves you can offer to the customer if needed or if you have a helper on a job that forgot his gloves.

No bumper stickers, window stickers or any writing on your ride.

Phone charger always a must.

Also let me know if you have any extra moving equipment that could help you get more jobs, ie a trailer, tow package with wiring harness, a higher rated driver’s license. If you have a trailer that you want Stacks to know about then you will need to have it parked so its ready and easy to hook up within 10 minutes. If it needs brake lights, low air in the tires, not plated then let me know and Stacks will see about getting it fixed up for you so it can start making you some money.

Your Smart Phone: You will download a few apps on your phone and register with everything.

I will run some test scenarios with you until you are comfortable with everything. Also you should get the family involved and ask them to check it out with you.

You must know how to text, open apps on phone, give and receive information from the apps GPS, communicate through text, emails or any other type of communicating on your phone. Your phone and your vehicle must always be ready to operate.

Must have a PayPal account set up {that’s how you’ll get paid} If you don’t have one and need help setting it up let me know.

Now you’re ready for Driver Clock-In and Stacks will get an alert that you are clocked-in and ready for a jobs. {MAKE SURE TO CLOCK-OUT IF YOU DON’T WANT ANY MORE JOBS AT THE MOMENT}

Also, understand that you could be moving a new bed, dresser, kitchen table but also may be picking up mulch, trash or even a stack of damaged goods from a flood. So have the correct clothes and extra clothes in the truck.

You’ll need to be adaptable because Stacks is growing and changing daily.

You will get paid daily or weekly. Whatever works for you just let me know. Also, just be nice : ) Customers tip better to nice drivers.

“No problem, I’m ready to get out there.”


4.Ready, Willing & Able

Clocked-In: While clocked-in if a job comes to you then you must take it. So please schedule yourself carefully.

The Alert: When you are on the clock the goal is to get you to the customer as quickly and safely as possible. So you will need to be fully dressed, truck gassed up, moving equipment tied down securely, all lights and mechanics are good.

The customer: You want to first make sure you have the correct person standing in front of you. Keep a cheerful looking face. Say “ Hi are you waiting for Stacks?”. Smile as much as possible. Keep the conversation friendly and keep it brief. Most of the time people are in a hurry so idle chit chat is not important. The customer knows 30 minute load time or it gets more expensive. So respect their time and money. Stay smiling and once everything is loaded customer will sign a document on your phone acknowledging its been loaded and ask them if they have specific instructions before you arrive at the destination.

Get to the Cargo: You will be told if its drive alone or if you need to get a *Helper. If you need a helper you will be given directions to pick them up first. Next, you will be given the customers name, where you are meeting the customer, specific’s about what is getting picked up, any specific instructions from the customer, where you are dropping the cargo and if they have paid or not. If they haven’t paid yet you will be given specific instructions on that once you meet the customer but most the time you will not be dealing with the financial transaction.
The Drive: Be quick but drive the speed limit and follow the laws of the road. Everything within Tippecanoe county the customer pays a flat fee. Anything beyond that the customer pays .75 cents a mile both ways. So keep track of your driving so you are getting paid exactly what you are owed.

Load/Unload: 30 minutes on avg for loading and 30 minutes on avg for unloading. If you take longer than 30 minutes because of some fumbling on our end we will not charge the customer for that. The customer will know the process also so if they slow the process down or don’t show up in time etc. We will get you compensated for that. If customer thinks its going to take longer they have the option to pay per minute after the 30 minutes. On avg. each job should take between 1.25 – 2.00 hours total.

Customer signs waiver: This is very important. After everything is unloaded and right before you start packing up your loading equipment you’ll need to have the customer sign with their finger the “Damage Waiver” acknowledging the cargo was delivered safely with **no damage and everyone is happy.

Send Confirmation: After you waved and smiled goodbye to the customer, you secured all your equipment you should now sit in the truck.

BEFORE YOU DRIVE AWAY you must send a text to Stacks a copy of the signed waiver, any concerns from the customer?, and if you will be staying on the clock.

*We will discuss this in more detail later but just know that Stacks will get the customer set up in the right situation. If they are good with helping you lift and get the cargo secure then we will let the customer do that. If however, we have a customer that needs a truck plus extra muscles you will be given someone to help with that (what we don’t want is 90yr old Betty Smith trying to help you carry a couch upstairs when she could just spend an extra $35 so she can hold just hold the door and say “right this way please”,)

**If you get pulled over, or have an accident you need to contact Stacks immeditatly. With or without the customer’s cargo you must let us know so we can send another driver to help you and the customer. We are human and accidents will happen so if that does occur you will be given a lot of help and support to get you back on the road again. If you won’t have a vehicle for awhile you can still sign on to be a helper and stay on the clock for that as well. Traffic violations however and you may not be able to drive for Stacks again. Depending on the situation of course but be careful please and just follow the laws.

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