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What is STACKS

Almost everywhere that has products for sale and are too wide to carry in your arms or fit in the back of a car there is a need for STACK’s. We aren’t just a Truck delivery service. We are a convenience to the customer beyond what’s was expected before. So much that we want customers to forget what shopping was like without STACK’s.

“We want customers to See it, Want it, Get it Home and right now.”






Our Image: We will want to be connected with the community in a positive way. Our drivers will be asked to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity and have free delivery’s on certain days. We will also, by end of summer, have free or cheap yard sale promotion kits with signs, price tags, bags and even shirts maybe. We want the weekend yard sale thrift shopper to have us on their radar. We also want part-time drivers to make the most money possible on these days.